Sophia Penske did the requisite work to embark a traditional career in the art world, but an innate proclivity to approach the world in a different way always precluded a path to an eponymous gallery.

The 25-year old California native branched off on her own after an intensive  two years learning the ropes at a gallery and under an art dealer in New York City.

First on the docket under the Penske Projects banner, Penske curated the inaugural art collection at the Beverly Hills outpost of New York’s Spring Place social club and workspace. Since day one on her own, she has advised clients with homes in Chicago, Los Angeles and the Bahamas.

Sophia started working at the age of 14 at Teen Vogue in New York and voraciously accrued internships in finance, music, and art before focusing on Art History and pre-law at Cornell University. 

So while Penske Projects revolves around the idea of finding, exploring and developing young artists, Sophia is also hard at work trying to etch out a new business structure in the art world. She employs an array of tech and social media tools to share her discoveries and support her consistently unpredictable, on-the-go lifestyle. Her main focus is on finding new spaces to put on shows, as well as curation and advising clients.