Penske Projects



feat. Greg Ito & Honor Titus

June - July 2019

4859 Fountain Ave Los Angeles

The Garden, an exhibition set within an abundant and symbolic garden featuring new paintings by Los Angeles-based, Japanese American artist Greg Ito and Brooklyn-born, multi-disciplinary artist, musician and poet Honor Titus, will open June 27, 2019 in Los Angeles. 

Curated by Sophia Penske, the timely and immersive exhibition brings together artists working across the visual arts, music, poetry and film at a moment when the city is in full cross-cultural and creative bloom. Lush flowers and verdant foliage arranged in different scales and materials by floral designers Ezra Woods and Michael Woodcock of Pretend Flowers and Plants will wend through the gallery space reflecting the vibrant cultural and geographic context for the artists’ work.  

A collection of new paintings by Ito explore themes of duality and dichotomy, time and morality. In the artist’s surreal garden, the Los Angeles landscape is depicted, often symbolically by the artist’s hand, as a magical and colorful garden of mystery, beauty, and sometimes misfortune. Ito’s crisply rendered images and symbols paint Tinsel Town as a city where dreams can be made and broken. Viewers will encounter iconography engrained in LA’s contemporary landscape such as looming helicopters, palm trees, ocean sunsets, and wildfires as Ito navigates them through the various facets of our lives, speaking to love, fear, companionship, and tragedy.   

Titus’ works reflect the isolation and romance of the big cities he has inhabited; Los Angeles, New York, London and Paris. His work is influenced by the music, memories, literature, architecture and advertising experienced on the streets of these chaotic places. Connected by an air of sentimentality, the paintings Vuillard & Me, Linden Blvd Jazz Radio, and Missed Reflections, reflect the spontaneous outings with friends wandering the hot city streets and the artist’s attraction to the infinite possibilities of the summer months.