Penske Projects



A group show curated by

Sophia Penske & Alex Rojas

produced by Chris Hughes

September 10th - October 10th 2020

 1014G Coast Village Road Montecito, CA 


Delphine Desane - The night was made for rest and sleep it was not made for grief and tears, 2020

A Peripheral Reverie

September 10 - October 10, 2020


Penske Projects | Montecito Country Mart 1014G Coast Village Road, Montecito, CA 93108 

Hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 11AM - 4PM


Penske Projects is pleased to present A Peripheral Reverie - a group exhibition of twenty-two artists portraying moments, locations, figures, or artist’s themselves to grasp at windows to spirituality, joy, humor, and reflection. The exhibition seeks to offer a time and place for a moment of reprieve and release amidst the important and radical times we are all currently living in. 


Creative pursuit and practice functions as an enlightening tool for reflecting one’s internal dialogue. Through this practice, it is the artist who continues to travel into the path of healing through expression. The selected works introduce us to a piece of the artist themselves, people they love, places they cherish, and emotions experienced. This effective essence of personal impression is present in these drawings and paintings, and looks to imbue others with a like-feeling of the artist’s personal Zen. Members of the Eastern philosophy claimed that Zen translated to an image-less state, however, the difficulty of achieving Zen, often and accordingly demanded that visual aid be employed. For an artist, the act of producing work to achieve a restorative state or explore the deep interior of one’s emotions can be a compulsory form of survival. In an effort to stay focused and take advantage of this time, it is paramount that the individual human condition be respected and tended to. The outlets discovered in these works strive to achieve reflection amidst moments of uncertainty, leading the viewer to a parallel experience of contemplation and appreciation. 


By summoning ourselves to artwork as a brief reverie from trying times, we allow the mind to wander, explore, encounter, reflect, and rehabilitate. In viewing these works, we hope to offer a gaze into the imagination of artists as a path to contemplation and healing during difficult times.


Heather Benjamin

Marius Bercea

Elana Bowsher

Ross Caliendo

Jackson Casady

Delphine Desane

Nasim Hantehzadeh

Max Jansons

Minami Kobayashi

Becky Kolsrud

Kira Maria

Maysha Mohamedi

Katherina Olschbaur

Umar Rashid

Caris Reid

Jenny Sharaf


Kenneth Taylor

Masami Teraoka

Honor Titus

Jess Valice

Sarah Ann Weber



Sophia Penske (co-curator) - Founder of Penske Projects in 2019, the 25 year old California native branched off on her own in Los Angeles after graduating from Cornell University and two years of gallery and art advising experience in New York. Although her main focus is private curation and advising, she also loves working with and exhibiting emerging contemporary artists in a gallery setting. Sophia’s first pop-up gallery under the Penske Projects’ brand was last year in East Hollywood.


Alex Rojas (co-curator) - Alex Rojas is an independent curator and arts professional based in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. Following her studies in art history and arts management, she received her master's degree from Georgetown University specializing in contemporary art and museums studies. She has worked with multiple contemporary art galleries, advisors, non profits, and institutions with a focus in programming, emerging artists, and new media. 


Chris Hughes (producer)  - Chris Hughes is an experiential designer and creative producer living in Los Angeles, California. After graduating with a BBA from George Washington University in 2016, Chris made his move west to work with Museum of Ice Cream. Over the past 3.5 years his love for Los Angeles and its art scene has pulled him in even tighter. More recently, Chris has produced installations for artists like Kahlil Joseph and Rodney McMillian, and has designed experiences for Apple TV+ and UNICEF. 





In order to avoid any waiting time, we recommend you make a timed reservation via the appointments tab on the website. 

Due to the size of the space and covid-19 we can only accommodate a limited number of visitors in the gallery at one time. Reservations are available for 30 minutes at the beginning of each hour, with 15 minutes between visits.


Your safety and that of our visitors and community is of utmost importance to us. In order to ensure this, we are following city, state, and federal health guidelines. We kindly ask that you wear your own mask and maintain at least 6 feet of distance from others during your visit. Hand sanitizer will be provided. Exhibition price list and press release is available via smartphone QR code.



Please do not plan to come to the gallery if you have a fever, cough, or respiratory illness. Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.